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Tourist Attractions in Sundarbans National Park

Located in Sundarbans Delta in the Indian state of West Bengal, Sundarbans National Park is a home to the powerful Royal Bengal Tigers. This unique tiger territory of India of is sprawled over 10,000 square kilometers covering some geographical part of Bangladesh also. The park was declared as national park on 04th May 1984 and become the designated kingdom of the tigers. The famous adventurous land is a home to more than 250 tigers and variety of chirping birds, reptiles and numerous of invertebrate including crocodiles. Let us have a virtual tour to world's biggest mangrove forest with us.

Sundarbans Tiger Reserve Area:

The entire tiger reserve area is divided into four zones namely Core Zone, an afforestation zone, and restoration zone and an agri-operation zone. The core zone represents the national park while rest of the zone is used for forestry operations. Boat is the only feasible option to explore Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. One night and two days would be the best trip but tourists may opt for two nights and three days tour package. The cruise by boat along the narrow channels of rivers with mangrove trees on both side of the river.

Sudhanyakhali Watchtower:

Sudhantyakhali watchtower is the central place in the tiger reserve area from where most of the tigers can be spotted. You can also take the subtle glimpse of other existing wildlife like axis deer and crocodile from this watchtower. At a time a 25 person can enjoy the sightseeing. The interesting thing about the location of this watchtower is - there is a sweet water pond where animals come to drink water. Long stretches of land bereft of any vegetation where you can sight animals from a distance.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary:

Located between Peechkali and Gomati Rivers, Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is possibly the only one place where tourist can take walk. The bird sanctuary is located just adjacent to the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve. It is home to herons, egrets and several other species of birds. Mangrove interpretation centre is situated inside the bird sanctuary. Moreover, tourist can spot here several colorful species of Kingfisher, Sandpipers, Plovers, Whimbrels, Sea Eagle and Curfews.

Sajnekhali Watchtower:

Sajnekhali watchtower is strategically located in the Sajnekhali Island is a popular tourist destination. This is another famous watchtower after Sudhanyakhali, houses Bonobibi temple, a museum and crocodile park within its premises. Most of the tourists travelling to Sundarbans visit this tower, actually forest office present here provide/issue permission to visit other places in Sundarbans.


Katka is the ultimate place for bird watching, though very few tourists visit this place. A little bit luck is needed tosspot the tiger in this region. One or two pleasant hours can be spent here watching tigers.

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